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Compatible half numbers:

709988-421, 709988-541, 709988-851, 710416-001, 710417-001, H6L38AA, H6L38AA#ABB, HSTNN-LB40, HSTNN-LB4N, HSTNN-LB4O, HSTNN-UB4N, HSTNN-YB4O, PI06, PI06062-CL, PI06XL, PI09 battery, PIO6, PIO9, TPN-I110, TPN-I111, TPN-I112, TPN-L110, TPN-L111, TPN-L112, TPN-Q117, TPN-Q118, TPN-Q119, TPN-Q120, TPN-Q121, TPN-Q122

HP Pavilion 14 14-e000 Notebook PC collection

14-e012la 14-e016la 14-e018la 14-e024tx Laptop Battery

HP Pavilion 15 15-e000 Notebook PC collection

15-e001ed 15-e002au 15-e007tx 15-e009tu 15-e010us 15-e011nr 15-e011sr 15-e012nr 15-e013nr 15-e013tx 15-e014nr 15-e015nr 15-e015tx 15-e016nr 15-e016tx 15-e016wm 15-e017au 15-e018nr 15-e020us 15-e021nr 15-e021tx 15-e022sa 15-e024tu 15-e025sl 15-e025tx 15-e026ax 15-e027cl 15-e028us 15-e029tx 15-e030wm 15-e034tx 15-e037cl 15-e039tx 15-e043cl 15-e045sf 15-e048nr 15-e051tx 15-e056st 15-e057sc 15-e057sf 15-e087nr 15-e088nr 15-e089nr 15-e092sa

HP Pavilion 15 15-e100 Notebook PC collection

15-e180nr 15-e181nr 15-e186nr 15-e189nr

HP Pavilion 17 17-e000 Notebook PC collection

17-e000er 17-e009wm 17-e010us 17-e011nr 17-e011sr 17-e014nr 17-e014sr 17-e015sf 17-e016dx 17-e017cl 17-e017dx 17-e018sr 17-e019dx 17-e019sf 17-e020dx 17-e020us 17-e021nr 17-e024nr 17-e028ca 17-e030us 17-e033ca 17-e033er 17-e034sr 17-e037cl 17-e039nr 17-e040us 17-e042sa 17-e046us 17-e048ca 17-e049wm 17-e050us 17-e054ca 17-e054sg 17-e055nr 17-e056sf 17-e056us 17-e061nr 17-e065sr 17-e067cl 17-e068sf 17-e071nr 17-e072nr 17-e074nr 17-e075nr 17-e076sf 17-e078sr 17-e079nr 17-e086nr 17-e088nr 17-e095sf 17-e098nr

COMPATIBLE P/N: HP P106 PI06 PI06XL PI09 Hstnn-Lb4N HSTNN-LB40 HSTNN-YB40 Hstnn-Yb4N Spare 710416-001 710417-001 710416001 TPN-I110 TPN-I111 TPN-I112 TPN-L110 TPN-L111 TPN-L112 Notebook Laptop Battery.
COMPATIBILITY: For HP Envy TouchSmart 15-J000 15-J100 15T-J000 15T-J100 15Z-J000 15Z-J100 15-Q000 15-Q100 17-J000 17-J100 17T-J000 17T-J100 M6-N000 M7-J000 14-E000 Series, Pavilion TouchSmart 15 15-E000 15-E100 15T-E000 15Z-E000 17-E000 17-E100 17T-E000 17Z-E000 17Z-E100 Series, 15-J150US 15-J173CA 17-J017CL 17-J020US 17-J023CL 17-J030US 17-J117CL 17-J141NR 17-J153CL 17-J157CL M6-N010DX M6-N113DX M6-N168CA M7-J020DX M7-J120DX 15-E010US 15-E020US
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