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A AMANDA laptop computer battery

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Voltage: 11.55V

Capacity: 41.7WH/3615mAh

Condition: 100% Brand new & High high quality

Replacement Part Numbers:

TF03XL TF03041XL 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541920070-855 HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J


Compatiblewith mannequin:

HP Pavilion 15-CC Series:

15-CC000NO 15-CC001NA 15-CC001NF 15-CC001NG 15-CC001NI 15-CC001NIA 15-CC001NK15-CC001NV 15-CC001NX 15-CC002NE 15-CC002NG

15-CC002NI 15-CC002NIA 15-CC002NK 15-CC002NL 15-CC002NO 15-CC002NU 15-CC002NX15-CC002UR 15-CC003NC 15-CC003NG 15-CC003NI

15-CC003NIA 15-CC003NK 15-CC004NC 15-CC004NI 15-CC004NK 15-CC004NM 15-CC004NO15-CC004NT 15-CC004NX 15-CC004UR 15-CC005NA

15-CC005NG 15-CC005NI 15-CC005NK 15-CC005NL 15-CC005NM 15-CC005NO 15-CC005TU15-CC005TX 15-CC005UR 15-CC006NC 15-CC006NG

15-CC006NI 15-CC006NK 15-CC006NL 15-CC006NO 15-CC006NX 15-CC006TX 15-CC006UR15-CC007NC 15-CC007NG 15-CC007NT 15-CC007NX

15-CC007TX 15-CC007UR 15-CC008NC 15-CC008NO 15-CC008NT 15-CC008NX 15-CC008TU15-CC008TX 15-CC008UR 15-CC009NG 15-CC009NL

15-CC009NM 15-CC009NO 15-CC009NT 15-CC009NX 15-CC009TU 15-CC009TX 15-CC009UR15-CC010NC 15-CC010NK 15-CC010NL 15-CC010NO

15-CC010NR 15-CC010TX 15-CC010UR 15-CC011NK 15-CC011TU 15-CC011UR 15-CC012NG15-CC012NK 15-CC012TU 15-CC012UR 15-CC013NA

15-CC013NG 15-CC013NK 15-CC013UR 15-CC014NG 15-CC014NW 15-CC014UR 15-CC015NG15-CC015NK 15-CC015TU 15-CC015UR 15-CC016NK

15-CC016UR 15-CC017NG 15-CC018CA 15-CC019NG 15-CC020NG 15-CC020NR 15-CC020NZ15-CC020TU 15-CC021TU 15-CC023CL 15-CC023NA

HP Pavilion 15-CD Series:

15-CD000NG 15-CD000NU 15-CD000NV 15-CD000UR 15-CD001AU 15-CD001CA 15-CD001DS15-CD001NG 15-CD001NL

HP Pavilion 17-AR Series:

17-AR007CA 17-AR050WM and extra.




How to Install A New Battery:

1. You want to show off your laptop computer and disconnect the facility.

2. Disconnect the connection between the previous battery and the motherboard to keep away from pointless injury brought on by disassembling the battery. Then unscrew the previous battery screws one after the other and thoroughly save every screw.

3. Remove the previous battery, rigorously set up the brand new battery on the battery case, screw within the screw, and join the wiring of the brand new battery.

4. If you do not perceive the above steps, please search for the video about laptop computer battery set up on YouTube. Maybe it would provide help to.

Laptop battery instruction:

1. Discharge the brand new battery use to five%(to not 0%) after which cost to 95%, and cycle 3-4 instances.

2. Do not disassemble, crush or puncture. Do not get rid of in fireplace or water.

3. If you take away battery for a very long time, cost greater than 80% a minimum of one time inside one months.

4. Don’t join adapter for a very long time whereas utilizing the battery. It might injury the battery.

5. When utilizing the battery, care must be taken to stop publicity and moisture.

Grade “A” Cells – Top Quality Battery Cells

Safe and Long Battery Life

100% Ture capacityExtended battery lifeOverheating protectionOvercurrent protectionOvervoltage protectionOvercharge discharge protectionShort circuit safety

Battery Type: Li-ion Voltage: 11.55V Capacity: 41.7WH/3615mAh
Compatible Part Number: TF03XL TF03041XL 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541920070-855 HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-LB7X HSTNN-UB7J TPN-Q188 TPN-Q189 TPN-Q190 TPN-Q191 TPN-Q192 TPN-Q196
Compatible Laptop Models: HP Pavilion 14-BF 14-BK 14-BP 15-CC 15-CD 15-CK 15-CC000 15-CD000 17-AR 15-CC023CL 15-CC050WM 15-CC563ST 17-AR050WM Series Notebook. (See Description match Laptop Models).
100% New from Manufacturer. Grade A cells guarantee quick fees and low energy consumption; Built-in circuit safety ensures each security and stability.
24 x 7 Email help, 30 days Refund, 12 months Replacement, if there’s any drawback, please be happy to contact me and I’ll remedy it for you instantly. Thank you.